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Installing Mastodon 4 on Rocky Linux 9


The from-source instructions assume Debian, but I'm a Redhat kid.

Download a file in a openjdk Dockerfile without wget or curl


Java has enough smarts to pull a file from the internet and put it on disk. Let's use those smarts

telegraf in docker wants CAP_NET_RAW


Operation not permitted is the only error message that shows up

Running certbot under podman


Follow docker instructions but remember your SELinux tagging

@JsonIgnore vs @JsonbTransient


In new EE app servers, Jackson-specific @JsonIgnore is deprecated in favor of JSON-B's @JsonbTransient

Podman v2 config for insecure registries


[registries.insecure] no longer works

Which TLS library does this use?


In Debian 10 userspaces, most SSL connections are made via calls to OpenSSL, but LDAPS connections are made with GnuTLS. In RedHat userspaces, LDAPS is still over OpenSSL.

Liveness and Readiness are Not Health Checks


A change in live-site ownership between Dev and Ops has flipped inputs and outputs